The Teen Film Challenge is a
3 day event of filmmaking madness!

Over $2,000 in cash and prizes is up for grabs for you and a team as you make a movie from start to finish in 3 days!

Started in 2015, the Teen Film Challenge exclusively designed for young, budding filmmakers. The Teen Film Challenge starts on Thursday night where your team learns about what creative elements required in your film. You’ll draw a genre and the title of your film. The rest is up to you and your imagination!

3 days later…after fun, chaos and collaboration, your team will drop off your film. Films are posted online for voting as well as reviewed by a panel of judges in the film industry. The film is then screened at a Red Carpet premiere in front of an audience of filmmakers, friends and families with pomp and circumstance! Awards are awarded and high fives are given!

Check out previous Teen Film Challenge Films HERE

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    TFC Tip #1

    $2,000 isn’t enough motivation…Use your TFC film for your portfolio for Film School or to get your next film gig!

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    TFC Tip #2

    You’ll need a camera, a computer to edit, and your creativity!

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    TFC Tip #3

    Find people to work with…director, camera, sound, editor, actors, and more!

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    TFC Tip #4

    Locations are key…find somewhere photogenic that gives you depth and flexibility

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    TFC Tip #5

    A great story is critical to your success…consider your film’s beginning, middle and end

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